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Do you have the Fly Fisher's Smallmouth Bible?

Smallmouth Fly Fishing book

Lefty Kreh says ...

   "Smallmouth Fly Fishing" is a super book every serious fly rodder should have ... more

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River Smallmouth Fishing Cover

If you fish with conventional tackle, too, here's a new book for you.

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        DVD for you, too.

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Our new Stream Bag carries everything you need for a day on the river.

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We interrupt our normal home page with this EXCITING NEWS --

The New Fly Fishing DVD!

 ___ A Smallmouth Exclusive ___


Smallmouth Fly Fishing-- REVEALED front cover of new DVD
The Best Smallmouth Fly Fishing
DVD Ever Filmed

After 2 years of filming and a long production process, our new DVD is finally finished!

"Smallmouth Fly Fishing-- REVEALED" does just that-- it reveals all the details of the techniques covered in the popular book "Smallmouth Fly Fishing," with Tim Holschlag live on the water.

We hope you like this DVD, and you think it was worth waiting for.

Watch the Introduction from the New DVD:


DVD Available Now for  $24.95

($2.00 off the retail price of $26.95)

See Samples from the Crayfish Hop Chapter
See Samples from the Flies Chapter


   "This DVD is just what I have been hoping for. It was indeed worth the wait. I have watched it over and over. I already tried twitching the rod tip, like you show, along with a strike indicator, and both worked great! You are truly a master at your craft. Thanks again for producing such a great DVD!" — Dick Simpspn
Burlington, NC

Using the line belly to animate your fly

Using the line belly to
animate your fly

Smallmouth Bass Flies, Tackle and Techniques Like You've Never Seen Before

Besides spectacularly beautiful fly fishing scenes with plenty of fish-catching action, you'll see how your fly performs underwater, how to use your rod tip to animate the fly, how to use the line belly to work your fly and why you must use a strike indicator for warmwater fly fishing. You'll see live-action fish strikes in slow motion, showing exactly how your indicator moves when the fish hits.

   "Awesome DVD!!! This really is THE video on smallie flyfishing! There is nothing else that even gets close as far as covering the whole gamut-- flies, tackle, rigging, targets and detailed techniques-- topwater fishing, mid-depth, and all the way down to bottom-bouncing. You even include cold water fishing. I just can't believe how much you've packed into a 70-minute DVD!" — Mike Giffith
Madison, WI



See Samples from the Crayfish Hop Chapter:


You've just seen only 1:49 minutes of this 14-minute chapter on the Crayfish Hop.


"Smallmouth Fly Fishing-- REVEALED"

DVD Available Now for  $24.95

($2.00 off the retail price of $26.95)



> Demonstrates the techniques in the renowned book,
"Smallmouth Fly Fishing"
  -- Makes a great companion to the book --

(Free DVD shipping if you buy it with a book)
(Buy 2 DVDs and your second one ships free)

   "Best Smallmouth DVD ever-- I loved it. Here are some of the reasons why:
** Excellent underwater footage of the twitched fly moving (as a beginner I appreciate seeing what it should look like-- I can figure out how to do it from there).
** Great examples of the effects of strikes on the indicator. (At the school, I remember you saying how you wished a fish would hit on the hop so I could see what it looks like-- now I know).
** The video of the crayfish hop was great. (I would have never figured it out from just the book.)

All in all, I really enjoyed it and believe you did an excellent job of condensing the school information into an easy to understand DVD. This DVD truly is the "greatest thing since sliced bread!" — Matt Bemer
Smallmouth School Student,
Cleveland, OH


The 10 Best Flies

The 10 Best Flies

Fish with Tim Holschlag

Live on the water with Tim Holschlag, you'll learn exactly how to do the Crayfish Hop (the best subsurface technique ever invented). Find out why and when smallmouth take topwaters, and see the 3 best topwater retrieves. Learn the Twitch and Tease for mid-depth fishing, with all its variations and details.

Tim shows you the 10 best flies for smallmouth bass, with underwater demonstrations, and how to fish each of them. See our simple 2-leader system, and watch close-ups of Tim tying the best, easy knot for smallmouth fishing.

Tim gives you casting instruction, too, showing you the simple secret to cast big smallmouth bass flies easily. Plus, see how to catch the biggest smallies you've ever seen, by using an amazing technique that hardly any fly fishers know about-- the Float and Fly.

See Samples from the Flies Chapter:


You've just seen only 1:40 minutes of this 9-minute chapter on Smallmouth Flies.


"Smallmouth Fly Fishing-- REVEALED"

DVD Available Now for  $24.95

($2.00 off the retail price of $26.95)



> Demonstrates the techniques in the renowned book,
"Smallmouth Fly Fishing"
  -- Makes a great companion to the book --

(Free DVD shipping if you buy it with a book)
(Buy 2 DVDs and your second one ships free)

   "I have watched your new video twice and will need to watch it some more. You did an excellent job on this, and you should be proud. It is awesome." — Byron Begley
Owner, Little River Outfitters,
Townsend, TN

   "The new video, "Smallmouth Fly Fishing Revealed," is the finest fishing video I have ever seen. It exceeded my wildest expectations. A nice piece of work indeed." — Dr. Karl W. Glander
Greenwood, IN

A School on Film

This new video is solid instruction, not merely entertainment. It shows you everything you need to know to fly fish for smallmouth bass.

Do you catch several good-sized smallmouth every time out? You can, with the skills you'll learn from this video!

 See Everything Taught in Tim Holschlag's Smallmouth Fly Fishing Schools,
at a Fraction of the Price


DVD Available Now for  $24.95

($2.00 off the retail price of $26.95)


   "Your new video is outstanding! Very informational, easy to follow and professionally done. It's obvious that I will learn a lot from it." — Arlin Schalekamp
Fisheries Biologist and Smallmouth Guide,
Fergus Falls, MN

   "I just watched your new video for the first time. I will need to watch it multiple times to take in all the information. A plus is all the smallmouth action-- makes me want to grab a rod and take off for the stream!

I have watched many fishing videos, and have not seen any that give out such detailed information and well-illustrated points on techniques, and that are all proven tactics for smallmouth. It is very organized and easy to follow each step of the way. No BS, just good instruction. This will be a hit with anyone serious about smallmouth fly fishing." — Dan Johnson
Smallmouth Guide and Instructor,
Oakdale, MN


-- See the book "Smallmouth Fly Fishing" --


-- More Info about Tim Holschlag's
    Smallmouth Fly Fishing Schools --




Smallmouth Bass in South Africa

Tim on the Groot River
in South Africa

Tim Holschlag has "gone fishing" again, this time in South Africa! He spent 3 weeks in South Africa during November, on a cross-country tour fishing for a variety of species including smallmouth bass, a non-native fish there. South Africa is about the only place outside of North America that has smallmouth bass, and Tim will fish wherever smallies swim!

Fly fishers in South Africa use Tim Holschlag's book, "Smallmouth Fly Fishing" as a manual for how to catch smallies (He has also been quoted in The Complete Fly Fisher magazine there). So Holschlag was invited to take a fly-fishing tour of their country. Besides smallmouth bass, Tim fished for a variety of other species, in both fresh and salt water, with South Africa's top fly-fishing experts. This other angling included catching enormously powerful Yellowfish in the Vaal River and Rainbow Trout in remote mountain streams.


While in South Africa, Tim Holschlag also gave presentations at the Fly Tiers Guild in Johannesburg and the Cape Piscatorial Society (Cape Town) on "Warmwater Fly Fishing in North America."

Read Tim's "Smallmouth Safari"
article and View the Slide Show


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