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Love fly fishing for smallmouth bass?
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- Over a Dozen New Patterns -

New Flies-- 2 Topwaters and 5 Subsurface

The New Smallmouth Patterns

Also Check out our new
"Big Fish Flies" Selection--

Tried, True and Tested, they have
each caught thousands of fish.

Topwater Flies

Subsurface Flies

NEW "Big Fish" Flies

Smallmouth caught in Canada

- Still Spring Spots -

2016 Ontario
Fly Fishinig

Slippery Winds
Fly-In Lodge
in Ontario

Spring Trip:

-- May 22 - May 27, 2016 --

Summer Trip:

July 10 - July 15, 2016  FULL

Stike Indicators sizes medium and large

- Detect More Strikes -

- Catch More Fish -

Best Indicators
in the World?

Best Smallmouth DVD Ever

"Smallmouth Fly Fishing-- REVEALED" DVD cover

The best instructional DVD
ever filmed on fly fishing
for smallmouth bass

See Clips & More Info

Guided River Trips

Client holding a 6-pound smallmouth bass-- biggest ever on Mississippi River

Doug's 6 pounder-- caught in 2014 with guide Dan Johnson

More Guides -- More Dates Available

More Info


- New Smallmouth Book -

River Smallmouth Fishing Cover

If you fish with conventional tackle, too, here's a new book for you.

- New Book Info -

    ... and we have a new
        DVD for you, too.

- DVD Info -

Still the Best

Do you have the Fly Fisher's Smallmouth Bible?

Smallmouth Fly Fishing book

Lefty Kreh says ...

   "Smallmouth Fly Fishing" is a super book every serious fly rodder should have ... more

       -- NEW SERIES --

Tim Holschlag with a giant carp on the flats of Lake Michigan

 Huge carp and giant
 smallies on the flats
of Lake Michigan

Tim's Travels

Tim Holschlag loves to travel and fish new waters. Just last year he spent 123 days out of state, fishing across North America.

Read about Tim's best destinations

Lake Michigan Flats (NEW)

Maine Damselfly Frenzy

Why Travel for Smallmouth?

Smallmouth in Every Direction

South Africa Smallmouth Safari

We would love to hear your travel stories, too!

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Smallmouth Fly Angler, brought to you by Tim Holschlag, is devoted to the finest fish in our waters, smallmouth bass, and the special joys of fly fishing for them.

We are all about smallmouth bass fly fishing, plus added features on other warmwater species.

You'll find plenty of information about how, where and why to fly-fish for smallies, wherever you live.

We give smallies the respect they deserve, and want to share with you the special joys of smallie angling.

Welcome aboard!

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